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ISSN: 3029-0732 | Open Access

Journal of Cardiovascular and Cardiology

Aims and Scope

The aim of the journal is to publish articles that advance the field of Cardiovascular and Cardiology by using contemporary computational methods alone or in combination with experimental techniques to find novel materials and examine current Cardiovascular and Cardiology, such as Cardiac Nursing Research, Cardiac Surgeons, Cardiovascular Pathology, Paediatric Cardiology, Vascular Biology Research, Heart Disease Researchers, Glomerulosclerosis.

Papers that report on the development of new methods or the enhancement of existing approaches are of interest.

Cardiovascular and Cardiology follows an enormously green manuscript tracking machine for peer review and article monitoring techniques. Generally, submitted manuscripts are sent to two experienced referees from our panel. The contributors may additionally submit names of 3 qualified reviewers who have had experience within the challenge of the submitted manuscript, but aren't associated with the equal organization(s) as the contributors nor have posted manuscripts with the participants in the past 10 years.

Articles can be submitted online from https://oaskpublishers.com/article-submission or E-mail: cardiology@oaskpublishers.net