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Video Articles

OASK Publishers

All academic fields are encouraged to publish their work internationally by OASK an open-access publisher. OASK gathers individuals from all around the world to form a community for publishing research in the fields of science and technology. It serves as a platform for all scientists and young researchers to spread the word about the importance of their work. People with experience in medicine, clinical health care, engineering, life sciences, and pharmacy research are encouraged to join OASK, an independent nonprofit organization.

OASK Publishers have advanced by publishing the Video Artilces of all scientific, academic, and conference attendees of various conferences held globally in the fields of medicine, clinical research, health care, engineering and technology, pharmacy, life sciences, and environmental sciences.

You can send your Video articles to following email: contact@oaskpublishers.com or you can also attach through online

All Video articles will be made available online for more social media visibility so that you can share your article directly from social media for increased citations.