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About Us

Open Access Scientific Knowledge (OASK) Publishers is a global independent publisher of authoritative open access, online, peer-reviewed scholarly journals unifying a wide range of academic disciplines. It originated to support and explore advances across many research disciplines.

About US

The journal is focused on advancing medical and related fields such as dentistry, clinical research, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pharmaceutical research, biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmaceutical medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, pharmacy practice, clinical & hospital pharmacy, pharmacology, genomics and proteomics, and pharmacogenomics.

The main focus of OASK Publishers is quick, dependable, and authoritative open-access publishing, giving organizations and scholars an easier and quicker way to publish their work. Every piece of work that satisfies strict criteria for both technical and ethical standards is published with a CrossRef provided permanent DOI and made immediately available for free reading, downloading, and sharing to everyone.

Our Mission

OASK supports researchers by giving them the chance to market their work in accordance with worldwide standards. Our goal is to create content that is easy to use and freely available to the general public as well as research academics, libraries, students, and educational institutions.

Peer-Review Process

Peer review is a crucial phase in the publication process and plays a crucial role in determining an article's quality, preserving the integrity of the published literature, and advancing research. In order for the research to fulfil the criteria of scientific objectivity, this process is mostly carried out by specialists in the field who read, remark, and filter the research for quality and veracity.

The double anonymized peer-review process used by OASK publishers allows for an objective assessment of a submission while maintaining the anonymity of the reviewer reports that get to the authors.

All manuscripts submitted to OASK Publishers will undergo meticulous peer assessment. Only once the editors have given their final approval are any articles published. As soon as an article is submitted to us, a member of the Editorial Board for the relevant publication who is an authority in that field is assigned to it for initial screening. The review process will proceed if the editor determines that the article can satisfy the necessary requirements by distributing it to at least three potential reviewers from outside the organization. Typically, external reviewers are given 14 days to complete the project. Once the assigned reviewers have finished their reviews, the assignment is then forwarded to the handling editor for additional consideration. At least two reviews are taken into account. The handling editor will determine whether to accept the piece or propose minor or significant adjustments. The editor has the right to reject an article from the journal if they feel it is unfit for publication.