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OASK Publishers is an international open-access journal publishing platform which publishes articles from the field of Clinical, Medical, Science, and Technology. This publication house focuses on publishing articles submitted by academics working in a variety of sectors, including biomedical, engineering, environmental, and clinical research. With their amazing subscriptions, OASK Publishers enables authors to publish as many articles as they like during the entire academic year without having to pay separately for each one. Both articles in regular and special issues are eligible for this reward.

As soon as the author accepts membership, OASK will publish his or her academic profile, complete with a photo and affiliations, on the journal website. This will assist the author in citing sources more accurately in published works and increase reader interest.

Membership Benefits:
  • Publishing of unlimited of articles and Visual PPTs (PowerPoint Presentations) for the year, in all the coming issues (Regular & Special Issues)
  • You can participate as guest editor for any one of our planned special issues
  • Your details will be created in Separate website page in our Journal so that all the viewers can viewed and your research articles will be more cited by the Readerships and promoted in Social Media with Visual PPTS as well
  • If we plan any conference related to your area of expertise, you get to participate in it as a keynote speaker
Memberships are of two types:

Individual Membership: Authors must have the appropriate position with/without co-authors in order to submit numerous works for consideration during a single academic year. The registration fee is set at €3,919. (in Euros).

Authors can take advantage of their privileges by submitting multiple articles related to any of the journals housed at OASK using their registration ID.

Institutional Membership: Institutional Membership: An application for registration is made for the entire university or institute, allowing any corresponding author to submit his or her works for the duration of the academic year*. The registration fee will just be €8,919. (in Euros).

For example, during the submission procedure, an author or institution should offer a list of the publications they wish to submit together with their registration ID.

Membership Type One Year Charges (in Euros) Two Year Charges (in Euros) Three Year Charges (in Euros)
Individual €3,919/- €6,619/- €8,619/-
Institutional €8,919/- €14,119/- €18,619/-